Friday, August 08, 2008

Beyond Blessed

The past several days I've been thinking about how much we as a nation take for granted.... how much I take for granted. We're so blessed and often fail to realize it. We have the gimme gimme mentality. After all, everything tells us to indulge ourselves. Burger King says "Have it Your Way". Nike says "Just do it". Loreal says "Because you're worth it." Jaguar says "Don't dream it. Drive it." I mean, how could we resist. We need it, right?

Sadly, that's how we all too often think. We think because we want something that means we need it and therefore deserve to have it. Anna has this mentality. She thinks simply because she asks for something that she should get it. It doesn't work this way as a child, nor should it as an adult.

When I get down because I want some new clothes, or a new CD, to eat out, or insert any choice thing that's not really a necessity, I try to remind myself of just how blessed I am - blessed with things that money can't buy, things that money has bought, and things that only God has graciously granted me.

I have a husband who loves me for me, who works so I can stay at home with the kids. A husband who has a great sense of humor, a day brightening smile, adorable brown eyes, and the most amazing spirit and personality. I have two children who have brought me more joy than I know how to express. I have a great God who graciously granted me with my children when they didn't think I'd be able to have any on my own. I have a home, two vehicles (1 paid for and 1 that's close to it), I'm able to walk, talk , hear, see, feel, smell, and have good health. I have air conditioning which I'm most grateful for during these hot southern summer months. I have lights that work, running water, plumbing, a bed to sleep in, etc. All things that hundreds of millions of people don't have. My friend's brother is serving in Iraq - it's been 140 over there and the air conditioning is out in his barracks. How selfish am I that I complain when it's 75 in my house and I'm still hot? How selfish am I that I complain about having nothing to wear when the day prior we talked about needing more shelves in our closet? How selfish that amongst 1000's of dollars of 'stuff' I find the desire to think I need more?

When I'm feeling down or mistreated, all I have to do is step back and take a long hard look at how blessed I am - how much God has graciously granted me and I quickly realize things aren't so bad. I've been given more than I ever deserve and for that I am truly thankful. So the next time thinks seem bleak, take time to write down all that you've been blessed with. I bet once you start doing it, you'll be able to fill up pages.... and pages. I can look back at times and see how God brought me through them and have hope for the future that He'll do just the same. I am so very blessed and hope that you too can see the blessings in every day life.

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