Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clumsy -----> Extra Money Spent

If you know me very well at all, you know I'm not the most balanced and graceful person there is. I'm clumsy and trip and fall often..... and often over the most random things... or nothing at all. Take for example when I fell down the back stairs wearing flip flops and pulled a muscle. Or when I fell in San Diego over a parking curb while holding Anna and while I was 7 mo. pregnant with Eli. Or when I tripped and fell in the Target parking lot while carrying Eli in his car seat. I could give many more examples but I'll spare myself any further embarrassment.... except for this last one.

Last Thursday was no exception. We had been out running errands and Wal-mart was the last stop. After getting groceries we got to the van. I took Eli out of the cart and went to put him in the van. It was raining and I was trying to hurry. In my rush, I slipped. It's amazing what all can go through your head in a matter of a second. I thought "Oh my! I'm going to drop him or else fall on him." So, in an effort to protect him, I just squatted and fell to my knees trying to avoid doing either of those. I fell into the side of the van and called for Mark's assistance. He really is used to this by now. He got Eli (my strategy worked - he was just perfect) and I stood up to a scraped elbow and pretty cut up knee.... and torn jeans. All the while hoping and praying no one else just saw that. I started crying which brought on the entourage of Anna's questions "You otay, mommy? You hurt? Mommy sad? Need mamaid (band-aid)? A fishy mamaid?" I felt bad because the pain wasn't why I was crying. Yeah, it hurt, but after 2 C-sections you're going to have to up your game. I was mad. Mad that my favorite jeans were ruined, the only real pair I ever wear (after all, I am at home the majority of the time). Jeans that Mark bought almost brand spanking new at a yard sale for $2..... and I knew I was going to have to spend $30 to replace them. Or as Mark recommended, I could sport the grunge look with holey jeans.

So, we went shopping after church today - both for me some jeans and for Mark some shorts and tennis shoes for our upcoming trip to Disney World. As suspected most jeans were $25-$40. Mark found some for me at Kohl's but I didn't want to try them on (or buy them) because I wanted to get the exact same kind I had from Old Navy (and Old Navy is having a $25 sale on all their jeans) - the kind that actually go to the floor and cover my shoes, but most importantly, the kind that tucks in my lingering baby weight.... But what I found was no such luck. Jeans are now seemingly made for teeny poppers who are size 0 and wish to show off every crevice and inch of hips they can. The kind that if you have any amount of weight on you makes it look like you're wearing a rubber tire under there. Shall we say Muffin Top?? That or else they're plastered to your legs in this new Skinny Straight Leg fad that I'm praying will leave as quickly as it came in. And lets not forget the jeans that look like they've been washed 1000 times and then had grease spread all over them. What happened to the jeans from the yard sale? 'Normal' jeans?? They were nowhere to be found. So we left.

I ended up finding some Levi's at Goody's for $35. They were very similar to my old ones - so they'd have to work. But after buying them, I got to thinking I should've just gotten the ones at Kohl's since we had a 15% off coupon that expired today. So, after church tonight, I went back to Kohl's and bought the exact same jeans I had bought at Goody's, only for $5.25 cheaper. Don't you hate days like these?

Needless to say, I'll try to be a little more careful, although it never really seems to work for me.


  1. Lol, what a fun weekend huh?? I felt like that the other day when i forgot to give myself my 50% discount at work. I even forgot my 10%. It was bad.

  2. well this has wore me out!

  3. Poor thing!! I would've been totally upset about the jeans, too!!!!!

  4. Well you are not the only clumsy one. A few weeks ago I had a lunch date with a head of a state agency and a friend. It was kind of a networking lunch where I was introducing her to him b/c she had always wanted to meet him, and I happened to know this VIP since he was a former boss of mine. Anyways, we decided to meet at Doe's - where the elite meet to eat. Yeah, all the legislators go there for lunch. I have even had to go buy lunch there when I was a legislative intern. Anyways, back to the story. So it was raining that day and my feet were soaked from walking two blocks to my car. I was already running late b/c a coworker had just told me that I needed to attend a codependent suport group - and of course I had to stay to finish THAT conversation. So I thought, I have to walk fast, my feet are wet, do I really want to put these heels on? My pants are long and maybe I can get by with these sandals. Bad idea. See these sandals tend to be slick when wet. So I am walking up to the restaraunt thinking how I have to make sure and dry my feet off really well and walk slowly once inside. Problem is, when I got to the glass front door entry way, I slipped. It was one of those falls where your hands swing around in different directions so that you can try and break your fall, only you really just end up looking like a j.a. Yeah, it was one of those. Right in front of the all glass front restaraunt. In front of a million "elite." And the two people that I was there to meet, both there, at different tables, watching the front door for me to walk in. Yeah, they saw it all go down. Talking about wanting to run away and cry. Well as if I had not learned my lesson, the very next day I was wearing those evil shoes to take the recyling out. It was raining and there I go slipping and sliding when I came back in. A few bruises later, those shoes have been moved to the back of the closet!

  5. Oh, and btw, did you check out the sweetheart style jeans at Old Navy? There for us curvy women. =)

  6. I did check out the sweetheart jeans, only they didn't have my size in long length or in the right color. Jeans really are the only thing I'm picky about.

    And yikes. I'd have been so embarrassed if I fell in front of all the 'elites' too.

  7. goodness girl, just patch the old ones and start a new fad :)

    my daughters get more compliments on their patched jeans then any others, they go to goodwill and buy worn out work jeans for $2 and then patch them

    hey- email me and tell me what I am supposed to be sending links for will ya, thanks dear

    blessings, Penny Raine

  8. OOO Tell Kathleen to throw those EVIL shoes away not just put them to the back of the closet!!! I feel for her!

    And with the Jeans I think a Patch might Just be the way to go!!!