Monday, November 17, 2008

5Ks, Pancakes, and 37 degrees

Anita, Kristy, and Myself

Last month I had the opportunity to walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. After getting up at 3:30am to drive over 2 hrs. with 2 of my friends, and 3 children ages 2 and under, then battling 48,000 other women, it was an experience I'll not likely forget anytime soon. It was fun, and I liked the idea of raising money to help find a cure for breast cancer - as it's something close to my heart since my grandma battled with it and ended up having a double mastectomy. Here are a few other pics from that trip.

Me and my best friend, Kathleen

Proof of the madness of 48,000 women

But as much as I hope they find a cure for breast cancer, as well as other forms of cancer, I care much more about the life of the unborn. Our local pregnancy resource center (PRC) also held a 5K to raise money. It was this past Saturday. Let me just say, if any of the employees from the PRC happen to read this, could we try for earlier in the year next time? Walking in 37 degree weather with a light rain was quite another experience - another I won't likely forget. It was fun, much more so than the Race for the Cure because I felt like I was doing something even more important. Yes, it was beyond cold, and the hills were treacherous, but I loved every minute of it - especially the pancakes, sausage and bacon, eggs, fruit, and hot cocoa waiting for me at the end! I would estimate that there were around 50 people there. A stark contrast from the nearly 50,000 at the Race for the Cure. About 1/2 of those who walked in the PRC 5K were elderly - quite the task for the weather and the terrain. Believe me, I know. It was a task for me and I'm used to walking that distance a few days a week. I give them their props - no doubt about it. Here are 2 pics from this 5K.

Anita and I freezing waiting for the 5K to begin

Some of the crowd.

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