Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guest Post #2 - For Such A Time As This

For Such A Time As This

We each have beliefs and convictions that direct our lives. What you live for will affect your decisions. One thing our family has such a passion for is unborn babies. Not only do we care for the lives of the children, we obviously love children, but we also care about those taking lives. Jesus forgives and heals, but when you are responsible for taking the life of a child, it is a decision that will be with you your entire life. Changing the laws would be nice, but people actually having their eyes opened would be better.

We have actually joked (kind of) that if another Clinton ran for office and won we would move out of the country. But then came along Obama and things got real scary. I see what he stands for, I see the way they marketed him to be America's savior and in the beginning of the campaigning they actually had him looking like a TV preacher. Really, really scary. I know the agenda behind Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood. The agenda is to kill babies, especially black babies. And the preferred spokesman for them is the Black Minister. Really, really scary. I saw how this was setting up. And honestly, I personally don't even think Obama is African and maybe not even American. Did I say scary? But then again, I wasn't real impressed with McCain, I think he is loyal to America through and through but he seemed a little wishy washy to me. Until. Until... Until he asked Sarah Palin to become his running mate. Now I am not one for women leaders. Not that a woman can't be a good leader. Deborah in the Bible was an incredible leader and I believe totally in God's order. In the Spirit there is neither male nor female, problem is that many do not stay in the Spirit enough. Contrary to popular belief, there were strong men in Deborah's day. She was married and to a very strong leader. His name meant "Flame of Fire". She was an incredible multi-talented women. A woman who can lead publicly AND be a proper wife and mother is rare, not impossible, but rare.

We have been in agreement with Lou Engle and his prayer movement to save the unborn children for years. He is someone we admire. When I first heard about Sarah Palin being chosen to run with McCain I hesitated, but then I felt the Lord saying, "for such a time as this, this is the answer to Lou's prayers". Well I hear God really clear, and I am not ashamed to say so. His sheep know His voice. But I also don't jump on every bandwagon. And I know I am human and capable of making mistakes. So not doubting God, or even really doubting myself but just as confirmation, I checked out who Sarah Palin was and is. Now I know she is not perfect, as a matter of fact neither was Esther whose story the famous phrase, "for such a time as this" came from. But just like Queen Esther, I believe Sarah Palin is God's choice for this hour. When I heard that the head of obstetrics for all of Canada feared there would be less abortions because public office holding Sarah Palin chose to give birth to a child diagnosed with Downs Syndrome, that clinched it for me. And from my point of view, it made McCain credible. It made his lip service not lip service anymore.

Now, I am not trying to campaign for the McCain/Palin ticket. What I am sharing is from my heart, because this election is so much bigger than the economy, or foreign policy, or any other issue. If we can't agree that life is life and it comes from God, then we all might as well give up and go home. This election is about Americans staying American, land of the free. And that such freedom being available to all. Young or old, born or unborn. A young woman who just killed her baby is anything but free.

Determine where your heart is and vote your heart. And pay the price.

Penny Raine

Penny is the wife of 22 years to preacher husband Jim Raine and momma to 8. She blogs because she has something to say.


  1. I'm right there with ya! My vote is McCain/Palin as well! Thanks for doing a post like this, because there aren't many people doing it!!

  2. AMEN!!

    I'm right behind you :) Obama is scary!