Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guest Post #1 - thoughts on Larry Winget

I am so honored to write a guest post on Phoebe’s Ramblings!!

Please let me introduce myself (a little intro music please). My name is JENNY. I have been married for almost 6 years, have zero kids, unless you let me count my cat, Cleo! I’m an Administrative Assistant and do pretty much everything from the normal to walking dogs to swimming with the grand kids. In my free time I like to be outside on the 4-wheeler or fishing – pretty much wherever Rod is! ;)

Anyway, enough of that. On to what I want to write about, or should I say who: Larry Winget

Background: How I first heard of Larry Winget…It was a TV show called BIG SPENDER (awesome show – if you see reruns, watch them!!!). The show is about people who are in a lot of debt and Larry comes in with his no nonsense attitude and shows them that there is a way out - if they will change their spending habits.

Then, while in Florida @ the Sonic Convention, to my SURPRISE, Larry was the guest speaker! I came out of my chair with excitement…even bought his book, “It’s Called Work for a Reason.” It will make you stop dead in your tracks and think about what you are doing. And may I also say I asked myself "why have I not been doing that all this time???". It is mostly common sense stuff that he just throws in your face! And a little FYI - he does get rude and occasionally use some choice words, but sometimes that is just what it takes for certain people - some just have to be told to get off their derrieres and get out there and work - and he is the perfect person to do just that and he does in this book! Don’t let that scare you off from this book though - he isn't that bad – I made it through it!! But he does make really good points like: there is not a 110% - if someone tells you they are giving 110% that is a lie…really, think about it! There are a lot more great points, but you need to just go buy the book! Also, I have just started his book, “Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life”. So far it is his same attitude and has pretty much told me that whining gets me nowhere in life and no one really wants to hear it ;) So for the people who have listened to me whine, thanks, but next time just tell me to zip it!

Thanks again for posting my thoughts on Larry Winget!!

Jenny is a wife of six years to Rodney and the proud owner of Cleo the cat. You can visit her anytime @:

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