Monday, July 28, 2008

Teach Them

I've recently been having a discussion with some friends about how children's ministry often isn't viewed as a priority - particularly when it comes to recruiting volunteers. Our Puggles group is under staffed (ie. we don't have enough volunteers) and I think a lot of this has to do with the mindset that they're so young that they can't learn. As if it's viewed as a daycare service instead of an opportunity to serve, teach, and set the very foundations of understanding the basic Biblical concepts that everything else is built upon.

As proof that very young children can learn, here's a conversation that I had with Anna yesterday during lunch. And she's 2, by the way.

Me: "Anna, what did you learn today at church?"
Anna: "Fishy. A fishy."
Me: "Oh, you learned about a fish?"
Anna: "Yeah. In the waddy (water)"
Me: :Oh, there was a fish in the water?"
Yeah: "Yeah, a big fishy. It wawowed."
Me: "It what?"
Anna: "It wawowed!"
Me: "Oh! The fish swallowed?"
Anna: "Yeah."
Me: "Did he swallow Jonah?"
Anna: "Yeah. He was sad."

So even at a very young age, she's learning Bible stories! I was so excited and happy - particularly because we had just been talking about the wrong mindset so many people have that very morning. And how great is it that God provided me with the perfect illustration that they really are learning - with my very own Anna!

We need to be teaching them. We need parents, grandparents, and other individuals to understand the importance of what we're doing and to jump on board with us! Most importantly we need people to care enough to volunteer. How many parents help coach baseball teams? How many moms are on the PTA, help with girl scouts, shuffle kids back and forth to soccer practice, to piano lessons, etc.? And how very unimportant all of those are in comparison to our children learning about Jesus. So please, volunteer. They really are learning!


  1. Phoebe,
    Hello. I agree with you about teaching our children while they are still little. They enjoy telling the stories back to us & they love to hear them often. I found your site from Amy's Humble Musings. I read your comment on birth stories & my first is almost the exact same as yours. For baby #2 I tried a VBAC, but failed then as well. For babies 3 & 4 they were automatic c-sections. I felt cheated some as well. But over the past couple of years I have accepted it as a gift from God. When a girlfriend tells me she is scared of one I can assure her it isn't too bad. Each of mine were slightly different from bad to near death for me, so I can comment with ease. I hope you aren't discouraged from having more since they are so wonderful. Have a beautiful day! April

  2. Phoebe, Someone here at Awana Headquarters came across your blog post and passed it on.

    I work at HQ and do the parenting blog: apPARENTlyblogging. Would you mind if I used your post? I would give you full credit. Just let me know. You can e-mail me at

    My name is Linda Weddle and I am Senior Designer of US programs and was greatly involved in the development of Puggles.