Sunday, February 04, 2007

Correction Everyone! Correction!

I just wanted to make light of something my dear husband did. On a previous post, I had discussed giving Mark points for giving me a day off - complete with a gift certificate for a massage. I also took points away for him making comments about "the babies" (there's only one by the way). He had posted about a certain number of points, of which I pointed out wasn't correct. He was giving himself more than he had banked! See how sneaky he is. :o) He then commented again that he was in fact correct, causing me to question my math skills and thus apologize. Two and a half months later, he tells me that a co-worker told him I was right. So in order to not appear wrong, he logged in to my account and changed the numbers on my post! So, for all you readers out there, I was right! Hehe. And here's a little tip: beware of who has your password, you never know what they might change. :o) Love ya, Mark.


  1. I don't know what to say, but I'll quote a saying that I don't hear often,

    "Phoebe said...
    Oops. You [mark] are in fact right. Sorry babe!"

  2. Only him would got to this much trouble to be right! Too Funny.