Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Valentine's Letter

To Mark - my one and only,

There's a lot of talk about this 50 Shades of Gray stuff.  I want you to know that I have no interest in reading it, much less seeing it.  I want you to know that you were enough 14 years ago on our wedding night and you're still enough today, five kids and a lot of years later.

You're enough because you're all I've ever known and all I ever want to know.

Enough because you see me - the me behind the extra weight, fluctuating weight, losing weight, gaining weight, blue eyes, pregnant, not pregnant, insecure, temperamental me.  You see past those things into who I am and who I want to be.

Enough because we've fought the long and hard battles and came out on the other side stronger.

Enough because you remember the babies we lost.  Enough because even though I didn't acknowledge it, I heard you say the other night that when Anna asked you why you love me one of your answers was "Because she gave me my 5 kids."  You remember them and although my voice always fails me, I notice and I love you just a little more.

Enough because I see you tickling Emi and chasing her through the house.

Enough because I notice that the load of clothes in the washer isn't the load I had put in and that you've been helping me stay caught up.

Enough because you send Anna back in after the camera so you can document Daddy-daughter date night.

Enough because when I roll over early in the morning, your side of the bed is cold because you faithfully get up to provide for our family.

Enough because I believe it when the Bible says to look on another man lustfully would be adultery.

Enough because whenever we're watching a movie that has a questionable scene, you fast-forward through it, protecting both of our eyes.

Enough because it's your dedication.  It's your commitment.  It's your smile.  It's the way you grab me and turn me around in the kitchen to steal a kiss.  It's your commitment to Christ and honoring Him in our marriage.

Enough because it's ME you want - and not someone else.

Enough because I'M enough for you.

Enough because you don't need to watch these types of things for their to be intimacy between us and I so very much love you for walking with integrity.

You always have been and always will be enough.

Thank you for the way you love me.  Thank you that you take our vows seriously.  Thank you for your protection.  Thank you that your eyes don't wander.

You are enough - and no 50 Shades of Anything can ever compare to the real deal.

Yours and only yours,

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