Monday, October 27, 2014

The Anchor Holds

I sat in class, listening.  A question was posed.

"What characteristics suggest God is "with" someone?"

Answers were given.  People being blessed financially.  A constant peace through circumstances that should dictate otherwise.  A time of respite from the trials of life.

Someone pondered "Why does it seem like some people never have any problems while others are overwhelmed with life?".

There are those blessed with resources, those barely managing to make it week to week, yet God's hand can be seen in all circumstances.  Those who are facing difficulties and those who are enjoying a good season, yet His hand is still upon both.

I know this to be true.  I remember sitting in my best friend's living room talking about how great life was and how so many people were facing trials yet I wasn't.  It was shortly after that that we lost #3.  It tore me apart in ways I can't even fully describe.  There's something unexplainable about knowing something is wrong yet waiting and waiting for it to be confirmed, all the while praying and petitioning God on behalf of your baby, hoping and asking for a miracle that you know only He can provide.

Yet the Anchor still holds.

I was still in the middle of the storm, but He was still the Anchor holding and securing me, reassuring me that His "no" didn't mean He loved me any less.

The Anchor held.

A year later, I stood holding a pregnancy test, excited that we had another chance.  And a few days later we starred at a blank ultrasound screen.  My heart sank.  I couldn't even look at Mark because I knew I would lose it.  And all I could see was a tiny little dot in my right tube.  Our baby.  My baby.  We waited for more tests, another ultrasound, more calls.  Our baby was already gone.  And what I said I couldn't endure again... well, now I was enduring again.

But the Anchor still held.

I may have rocked and tossed about in the storm, but the Anchor held firm.  He never sways, dear friends.  Never.  Not even a little bit.

During that time, I lost my grandpa.  Mark's grandma fell and broke her hip.  Mark had surgery on his hand.  My appendix ruptured and I had emergency surgery.  And #3's due date was upon me.

But the Anchor held.

We've since had our sweet Emilee.  That pregnancy was such a struggle for me, desperately trying to do everything right for fear of losing her too.  And just 2 weeks after having her, Mark had an emergency appendectomy too.

The Anchor held.  He was never, not for a moment, caught off guard.

Now here we are waiting for a call to hear they have a son for us.  We wait expectantly, with great hope.  And for me, at times, with great fear.

But He knows.  The Anchor knows I'm scared and He loves me all the same.  He reassures me that what He has called me to do, He will equip me to carry out.  And so, with great anticipation, I wait for the call each and every day.

He has and does and will hold steady.

When your family is in turmoil... the Anchor holds.

When lies abound and hurt equally matched... the Anchor holds.

When anxiety threatens to consume you.... the Anchor holds.

When there's plenty... the Anchor holds.

When there's not enough .... the Anchor holds.

When there are arguments and division ... the Anchor holds.

When there's death and caskets and funerals .... the Anchor holds.

When there are tests and surgeries and procedures .... the Anchor holds.

Because the Anchor never moves.  It's planted.  It remains.  It steadies.  It holds in place.  It secures and protects.

Because the Anchor anchors.  He is incapable of doing anything else.

I don't know what you may be facing tonight, friends.  But know this, whatever it is, the Anchor holds.

When all you have is God, He is more than enough.

Hold firmly to that, because the Anchor is firmly holding on to you.

Rest well, dear friends.

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