Friday, May 17, 2013

Hey, Mom!

There are days my ears ring nonstop.  Days that someone at every point in time seems to need me.  And days that I think if I hear "hey Mom!" one more time, I might hide in the closet and have a minor cry fest.

There are days I feel just like this: (and I in NO way support the show Family Guy - I've just seen this clip multiple times and find it entirely fitting for this post).

It's days of constantly hearing things like:

Hey Mom, the cat threw up in the floor.

Hey Mom, Anna stopped up the toilet.

Mom!  Mom!  Mom!  Momma.  Mom!!!!  Can't you hear me calling you??

Hey Mom, there's no shampoo.

Hey Mom!  Anna's poop is green. Come look!!

Hey Mom, there's a hole in my shirt.

Hey Mom, did you know that -c-a-t spells cat?

Hey Mom, what's for breakfast?

Mom, I don't feel good.

Hey Mom, we're out of toilet paper.

Hey Mom, can so and so come over....again?

Hey Mom, can you come eat lunch with me today?

Hey Mom, did you know that "stain" starts with the 'st' blend?

MOM!!!  Eli made my room a mess.

Hey Mom, don't forget I have soccer practice tonight.

Hey Mom, where's my other flip flop?

Hey Mom, did you wash my white shorts?

Hey Mom, do you want to color with me?

Hey Mom, can we build a tent?

MOM!!!!  Anna rubbed her sticky sucker on my arm and got germs on me.

Hey Mom, where's the remote control?

Hey Mom, can I have $1 for the school store?

Mom, why do you have to go to the hospital when you have a baby?

Hey Mom, can we go outside?

MOM!! Anna's making mean faces at me.

Hey Mom, what's for dinner?

Hey Mom, can we have movie night?

But I don't like that shirt, Mom.  That one either.  No Mom, I don't want that one.

MOM!!!  Eli's blowing bubbles in his milk.

Hey Mom, how do you know when you're having a baby?  I know you pee on the stick thing, but how does it know?  No.  How do you know you're supposed to take the test?  (Lord, help me, she's only 7).

Hey Mom, can the cat sleep with me?

Hey Mom, can we go to Chuck E Cheese?

Hey Mom, can't you show us grace this one time?  Well, I know you did last time, but how about this time too?

Mom.  Mom.  Momma.  Mommy.  Mama.  Mum.  MOM!  MOM!!  MOOOMMMMM!!!!

It's always something.  And most days those somethings aren't of much importance, just of great irritation when piled one on top of the other.

But at days end as things are winding down, there's a sweetness to it all.  A precious snapshot that I know I'm going to miss one day.  Especially when I'm making my rounds, tucking them in and giving them hugs and kisses for the night.

A: Hey Mom.
Me: Yes, honey?
A: Can you play the piano?  I always sleep better when you play.
Me: Ok.  Good night, Roo.
A:  Good night, Mom.  I love you the mostest.
Me: Not possible!  I love you the mostest!  Good night sweetheart.

Me: Good night Eli.
E: Hey Mom.
Me: Yes, son?
E: I love you.
Me: Mommy loves you too.  Good night, Bubba.

And so it is, there is no sweeter name.

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