Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Never Again

Taken from MckMama's blog

Lord, let me never again say I 'need' something without first thinking of these pictures. Please help me to always put things in perspective and keep these images in my mind.

Forgive me for my selfishness!

Please take the time to look at all of the pictures. The one above is 'good' compared to the others....

And if you can, take the time to sponsor a child from Kenya or any other country for that matter. We sponsor a child from Holt, Int. There's also Compassion, Int. Both are excellent in their efforts to help people aid themselves in making their lives better as well as telling them of the gospel. And for $30-$38/mo. I dare say this makes a way larger impact than the 2 times we could eat at McDonald's. Please take the time to pray and consider sponsoring one of these children.

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