Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On My Nightstand

Crazy Love - by Francis Chan
Biblical Womanhood in the Home - by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Finally Alive - by John Piper
Lies Women Believe - by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Feminine Appeal - by Carolyn Mahaney
A Quest for More - by Paul David Tripp
Speaking Truth in Love - by David Powlison
CrossTalk - by Michael R. Emlet
Masterwork - by Lifeway

I just finished Biblical Womanhood and have a good start on Crazy Love. Highly recommend both!! As for the others, I'll tell you more when I get to them.

So far this year I've already read The Full Plate Diet and The Things You'll See: Notes to my Children on How They Were Raised (by Lawrence Lucas). The latter of the two was also an excellent read!

So what's on your nightstand?

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