Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. To see what she and everyone else have "not" been doing this week, you can go to

After the kids spilled half a bag of Fruity Pebbles in the floor, I most certainly did not watch them lick the remnants off the kitchen floor and think "Oh well, at least they'll get them all up." Oh no, Not Me!

While attempting to park on the side of the road, I didn't hit an 'invisible" drain culvert, bend the hub-cap to pieces, and then try to act like it didn't happen despite a yard full of spectators. I then didn't proceed to wait over a day to tell my husband. And I certainly am not known for the numerous ways I've damaged the van...and the car.... and pretty much every vehicle I've owned. Oh no, Not Me!

After a day of tantrums, disobedient children, and a complete lack of sleep, I didn't put Eli to bed in the dirty clothes he'd been wearing all day. I mean, what mother does that? Not me!

Knowing good and well the plumber was coming Wednesday to redo the plumbing for our new shower, I most certainly did not wait until the day of to clean the house, laying in bed until 7:40.... then was completely caught off guard when the doorbell rang at 8:02 am and the house was an utter disaster. Oh no, not me!

I didn't absolutely die of embarrassment when Anna refused to give someone a hug, stating "You stink". Not knowing what to do, I did nothing. I didn't know what to do. Oh no, not me! Shouldn't I always know what to do in these situations??

After Eli brought his empty sippy cup to me, saying "tea, tea", I didn't tell him no and sit his cup on the desk. He then didn't proceed to be disobedient and take matters into his own little sticky hands. When I heard him gulping (literally), I didn't run into the kitchen to find him with the entire pitcher of tea completely inverted running all down his face and chest. I then didn't die of laughter and ignore disciplining him. Oh no, not me.... my kids always listen....

After Anna watched a Princess Gigi movie she kept going on and on and on......and on about wanting to play in the snow. Have you ever tried explaining to a 3 year old that it's not the correct season for it to snow? Yeah, exactly. I then didn't ignore her constantly going on about the 'snow' while trying to get ready to go to a birthday party only to find that she had unzipped the couch pillows and tore all the stuffing out of them to create her own 'snow'. Oh no, not me! I always pay 100% attention.

What did you do, ahem, not do this week?

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  1. Hey don't worry about the "stinky" comment. My dad told her to say that.