Monday, March 23, 2009

Anger Management 101

I love Dragon Tales. So does Anna. It's a cartoon on PBS and while I don't promote using the TV as a babysitter, there are certain shows that I think are okay for my kiddos to watch. Dragon Tales is one of them. Every episode teaches a valuable lesson - like not giving up, saying "I'm sorry", making friends, sharing, and in today's case, what to do when you're mad.

Max had a problem with anger. During the show they talked about counting to ten when you get mad. Anna picked up on this rather quickly.

After the show had gone off, she kept saying "I'm mad", despite not having any evidence to back it up. So, I thought we'd put her counting skills to good use and I told her to just count to ten, like Max did.

One, Two, Three, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.

After counting she looked at me and said "Now what?"

I guess she's joining the millions of the rest of us who've found that counting to ten is an utterly pathetic way to decrease anger....

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