Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Values Voter and Proud

*Warning* - this is a heated and rather blunt view of politics as seen by me.

If there's one thing that really gets me riled up, it's politics. To me, the privilege of voting is about ensuring that we elect the right people - that is, the right people who will uphold Christian values. It isn't about what a politician can do for me, my bank account, the stocks we hold shares in, my children's education, social security, the war, or any other topic they like to go on about. It's about their values, more importantly what their views are on abortion and gay rights. As Christians, we have an obligation to uphold God's principles - not just at home, in our churches, or at work - but also with our votes. Sadly this too often isn't the case, as evidenced by abortion being legal, the ever increasing gay rights movements, as well as with the mounting numbers of liberals in congress willing to promote anything for a few under the table buckaroos. But I digress.

Where in the world did we go wrong to think that aborting innocent, helpless babies is okay? What in the world makes anyone in their right mind think that delivering a baby with the intention of aborting it and then letting it suffocate to death is morally acceptable?? Or delivering just the head, then stabbing the baby in the back of the head with a pair of scissors and suctioning its brain out. And we as a nation think this is okay??? What is wrong with us!! If I were to have a baby, throw it in the dumpster and leave it to die, I'd be charged with murder. What in the world is the difference??? Merely because it's labeled under the cloak of "abortion" it's now not legally considered murder? And mind you, I said 'legally' because regardless of what society says, our laws say, or anyone else, it IS murder.

And where did we go wrong to think that God advocates and promotes homosexuality? My goodness, what are we thinking!!? And yes, I'm talking to you, Ray Boltz and you Clay Aiken. God is NOT a promoter of what He specifically says is an abomination to Him. Simply because there are those who would like to read things in to the word of God doesn't change what God Himself has said. It's wrong. Period.

And what's worse is that there are Christians by the masses willing to vote for a man who stands for such horrendous things! My mind can't even comprehend this or how one justifies such an action.

I have been attacked because of my support for McCain and Palin. I can handle criticism. What I can't handle is giving my vote to anyone who supports the mass murdering of innocent babies. Someone who blatantly goes against God's word on so many issues. I will not cast my vote for such a man. I simply won't.

I'm sadly aware of the vast amounts of people out there who still have no idea who to vote for. Even worse, I'm more aware of the mass amounts of Christians who will be casting their votes for Obama. So, if you're confused, undecided, or in need of a little guidance, let me help you. Vote McCain. Vote for Christian values and principles. Vote for ensuring that marriage remains what God intended for it to be. Vote for life. Vote McCain.


  1. Just a note to those who wish to post a comment. If you want to be heard, then you have to identify yourself. No anonymous comments will be posted, as I wish to have the right to respond on an individual level.

    Also, anything hateful or disrespectful will not be posted. Everyone has a right to choose who they vote for. The only wasted vote is the one that's not cast. So please be respectful, even if you disagree.

  2. Hey Phoebe,
    I just wanted to ask if you watched the debate on Thursday. John McCain said that he wouldn't appoint Supreme court Justices based on his values concerning issues like abortion.
    This is important because the decision of the supreme court justices is the one way that a president may actually affect this issue.

    BTW I'm a card carrying Pro-Lifer!


  3. Ben,

    Thank you for your comment. I have not yet watched the debate. We TIVO'd it and will likely watch it tonight. I did however see the recap on CNN about what you're talking about. It's a bit concerning to me, but I think he was trying to say that he wants someone who's going to interpret the law as it is - not one who will read into it as they wish - which is what has gotten us into a lot of the predicaments we're in right now. So, someone who will strictly uphold the law is still a good thing. I wish he'd just come out and appoint pro-life justices, but I think that may be inherently implied in his statement. :)