Friday, September 12, 2008

Overload Central

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you feel like you're going non stop and there doesn't really seem to be an end in sight? That has been my week. We leave for vacation soon and thus have been busy trying to finish all the items on the To Do List, as well as get caught up on cleaning and laundry and of course doing all the packing. I've also had an appointment to go to lunch with one of my girlfriends this week. Then worked two days this week at the church, went to the eye doctor with Mark to help him pick out new frames, ran errands, finished our will, had it notarized, and still feel like I have a mile long list of other things that still need done.

Upon our return from our vacation, the very day we get back in town we're going to a tailgate party that afternoon, then that evening we're going to a demolition derby. The next Sunday we of course will be at church, then go to lunch with some friends (not cooking since we'll be so behind on everything else) and have our budget meeting. Then that night we'll go back to church and work in Puggles and Elevate. Someone wishes to meet with me that week even though I'm not scheduled to work any at the church. I'm a pushover for those wanting help and always find a way. So, I'll run up there and do that as well. On the 26th, the movie Fireproof is coming out (from the makers of Facing the Giants) and we're going to watch it. The 27th is a friend's wedding which I'm sure I most likely won't be able to attend (sorry, Melody!). Eli has his 15 mo. check up on the 29th, and I'm working a couple days that week too (I usually allot 2 days a week to work, but only end up working 5-10 hrs.).

Mark's birthday is in the beginning of Oct., I have the Race for the Cure Run, Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town Concert, and then the Trail of Treats that our church does for the local kids in the area. In November I have the 5K run for a pregnancy resource center here in town, our church's fall festival, and what do you know, Thanksgiving. Not to mention, the kids are having their picture made with their cousin, Topanga, as well.

My point in all of this? When our schedules get too crazy, we become crazy. Minor things that wouldn't normally irritate us do and we feel rushed, which only leads to more stress. So, while the busy time of the year is approaching, find time to just settle down and enjoy the day. Planning for days in the future is okay, but when that's all we're focused on, we lose the day we're in, the moments and the memories we could be making now instead of some pre-planned time in the coming days. So while my schedule is plum packed the next several weeks, I intend on finding solace and comfort in each day, albeit however busy they may be.

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  1. Hey phebbs,
    Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves this week!!!I am sure it was great to get a vacation