Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Outing Gone Bad

Ever had one of those "I'm going to smack you silly" days? A day where everything seems to go wrong and disobedience runs rampant? The day where you wake up in a bad mood and the day continues on in such fashion? Today was that day.

I woke up in a bad mood and have no idea why. All I know is that every little thing was really irritating me.... and that I had a list of things I needed to get done.

I heard that JC Penney was having a 75% off sale, so I decided to go see what bargains I could find. In addition I had a Victoria's Secret card for a free pair of panties, a $5 off a $5 purchase or more at Payless Shoes, and I had to go by Target to get diapers for Eli. So, I knew a busy day lie ahead of me.

So off I went.... with both the kids. I stopped at JC Penney first and the kids immediately began acting like heathens. Eli would scream. Then Anna would. Then Eli. Then Anna. A competition ensued as to who could yell the loudest. After multiple attempts at telling them to cut it out, I resorted to getting down on eye level with them and threatening to wear them out if they continued on in such fashion. They stopped, briefly. Some bystanders noticed how absolutely adorable they are and decided to talk to them. Meanwhile, I was hot, in a hurry, and just wanted to get all my errands ran. While looking in the baby section for a gift for my friend, who's baby is now 2 mo. old (yeah, I know I'm behind) Anna and Eli decided to act like Gumby and stretch their arms out for any and everything within reach.... pulling things off the racks, off the hangers, and all the while only feeding my already bad mood.

I finally just gave up and decided to call it quits for JC Penney and proceeded to the check out area with a shirt I found for Mark. I noticed something in the bottom of the stroller and thankfully tended to it right then. Evidently, my ever so adorable Anna had decided she wanted a few items (albeit that the size 6 mo. clothes she found would never fit her) and took matters into her own hands - shoving them into the bottom of the stroller while mommy wasn't looking. All I could imagine was the alarms sounding and me being hauled off to jail. She had chosen two pairs of purple pants, a shirt, and a sleeper..... all of which went back on the racks.... before I left the store.

After lecturing her about not putting things in the stroller, that she could get mommy into a lot of trouble, off we went to Payless. I browsed the shoes, but found nothing. Has anyone noticed that Payless really isn't so much about paying less anymore? I remember when you could get shoes for $5-$15. Now everything is around $20-$35. Anyway, so after deciding to just look again at a later time (Eli was throwing a fit because it was past lunchtime and way past naptime) we headed for the door. That mommy intuition hit me and I decided I had best check the stroller for random shoes. And what do you know? There was a red high heel shoe in the stroller. I guess she failed to understand the lecture about getting mommy into trouble....

While leaving the store, the screaming match once again ensued. I got back on eye level with them, threatening them with the sternest voice I could, and got up to find an elderly gentleman watching and snickering. Thanks sir, that certainly was helpful.

Off to Victoria's Secret. Upon entering they had a striped pink and white stuffed dog. Anna clearly wanted it. "Mommy, Dog. Dog!! Look mommy, look. Roof. Roof." Ever notice how a 2 year old doesn't have volume control? Multiple workers greeted me, asking if I needed assistance and trying to explain to me about the new BioFit bras they have - with varied padding for different cup sizes. Honestly, I just wanted a free pair of panties. By this time, the kids' patience was wearing thin and thankfully going to Victoria's Secret was a pretty quick in and out trip.

I passed by New York and Co. on my way to Target and decided to stop in and see what they had. Anna kept unbuckling herself from the stroller and standing up in it. I'm not sure why they act so bad when they're in public. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just a 2 year old thing? After nearly falling out and an associate catching her, I once again lectured her about her bad behavior and disobedience. I ended up leaving the store despite having found a great pair of white dress pants for $5.97. I was, simply put, tired of it and just wanted to go home.

On to Target for diapers. Thankfully, this too was a quick in and out trip. I ran into a girl I know in the check out lane. The kids began acting like little angels. They smiled, Anna said hi, and Eli gave his big dimply grin. Why is this? Maybe I should just ensure "People I Know Checkpoints" anytime I decide to take the kids out. After checking out, we headed for the doors but Anna had something else on her mind. She wanted an icee and began screaming "No! This way. This way!!!" and started crying when I told her no. It's not that I'm against giving her an icee, but I certainly wasn't going to give her one after the way she'd been acting. Yeah, yeah. Go ahead, give me the "Mean Mommy" t-shirt.

I was never so relieved as to get back to the van. At least then they could scream and do whatever and it wouldn't disrupt other people..... well, other than me.

I decided I needed an attitude adjustment - that part of the problem was likely in response to me.... okay, okay. So part of the problem was me. I asked Anna if she wanted to sing with me and so we began singing There Is A Fountain by Selah. Ever notice how singing about God can immediately knock the crabbiness out of you?

So, thankfully I'm in a better mood now and hopefully will stay that way. On a side note. Those of you who have multiple kids (more than 2), how do you do it? Seriously. I'd like to know.

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  1. I have 4 and don't want to offer any advice here. I probably could but we all need to find what works best for us. I'm sorry you had a lousy outing, I imagine that would be incredibly frustrating :(