Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Food for Thought

After posting the last post about language, I began thinking about how much more of a broader application there was to it. How many times in everyday life do I say things that are inappropriate or unChristlike? I dare say, too many. How about when getting cut off by a driver? I know my choice phrase is "You moron!". What about the little ears that are listening and that tend to pick up on every little thing that's said - particularly the very things we don't want them saying. I too am guilty of not watching what I say. And while I don't curse and have even tried striking the word crap from my vocabulary, I still say things I shouldn't - like daggumit, that's just dumb, what an idiot, and need I go on. That very post applied to me too! I'm also guilty of not closely enough monitoring what I say.

What a reality check for me!

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