Sunday, January 06, 2008

Top 10 Things My Mom Never Told Me

Yeah, yeah, I know. A new post is long overdue. Consider me now current.

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I decided to write about things that my mom never told me... about parenting that is.

10. A kiss can solve anything - just ask Anna when she has a boo boo, or an "owie" as she likes to call them.

09. Toddlers are more independent than you think. Attempts at changing ones own diaper inevitably results in a huge mess. And peeing in the floor is normal... or so I think.

08. Devilish grins are funny.

07. Children have a way of reminding you what you should be doing. Anna knows we pray before we eat. Before we all can even get seated, she's now started holding her hands out so we can pray. It's a gentle reminder of how important being a parent is.

06. It hurts to see your children hurting.

05. Middle of the night screaming can lead to some of the sweetest moments. While I'm certainly glad neither of the kids wake up in the middle of the night that often, when they do, it's sweet to just hold and rock them and know that I'm all they want.

04. Disciplining requires determination and patience. This is probably the hardest part of parenting, but probably also the most critical. There are days I let things they do slide, days I mess up, and days I really wish I didn't have to discipline my kids at all (both for their sakes and mine). But despite how hard it is, it's those teachable moments that will get them far in life.

03. You wish their young months away, then wish you had them back. I wanted Anna to start walking and talking. Now she doesn't want to be held and has a mind of her own. Needless to say, I'm hoping Eli stays immobile for a long time.

02. Even on bad days, they're still good days. Despite often stepping on toys, having poo in floor, diapers leaking, the house being an utter disaster, and having a mile long list of things that need done that I know will never get accomplished, seeing Anna and Eli smile each day makes everything okay.

01. You can't understand the love of a mother until you're one yourself. While it's hard, more work than any normal job, and trying at times, it's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I can't explain how much I love each of them, but anyone who is a mom knows what I mean.

Now, to leave you with a smile... pictures of the kids.


  1. Phoebe,

    Reading this makes me so excited and scared about being a mommy!

    I too think discipline is very important. In the world today hardly any child is disciplined!

    I hope you will be patient cuz I know I will be calling you for so much advise!!!

    Love you muchly!!!!

    Amanda Bishop

  2. I believe that discipline may be hard, but like you said it is so important...If you don't do it you have a spoiled little brat that noone wants to be around...and not being a mom, but just thinking about it...i would rather discipline so they can have friends and not be the kid that noone wants to deal with...