Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm Still Alive!

Hey all!

I'm still alive, really. Things have been kind of crazy around here the past few weeks. All three of us have been sick with allergies or sinuses and are just now getting over that. I'm trying to play catch up now as things got behind while I was sick.

Allow me to take the time to brag on my husband. After not sleeping for 4 days straight, still taking care of Anna, and being pregnant, Mark got the idea to find a babysitter for Anna last Wednesday so that I could have the day to recoup. His plan was complete with a 30 minute massage gift certificate. So, for all you husbands out there, this is definitely the way to treat your wife to a day off. Yeah Mark, you banked 250 pts.

As for other news, nothing much has changed. Anna is still into everything and becoming more mobile every day. It won't be long before she starts walking. She particularly enjoys eating the snow off the Christmas tree, as well as trying to eat the presents. Baby #2 is still growing as evidenced by my already growing abdomen. We'll know more about him/her and a solid due date on the 27th. Or as Mark says, we'll know more about the babies on the 27th. You lose 50 pts. for that comment.

I better get going. I have an increasingly tired baby who wants to go to bed. I just wanted to check in. I'll try to post more often in the future. Until then, here are a few picture for your enjoyment.

Anna's attempt at helping with the lights.
Anna putting a snowflake on the tree.
Anna stealing presents from under the tree.

Anna patting her baby brother or sister.


  1. WOW! So I am at 200 points. I'm excited. Now that I have 200 points, what do I do with them?

  2. You misunderstood. You earned 150 for my day off. You LOST 50 for making comments about having twins. So, you're at 100 mister. :o)

  3. I doubled checked. It says 250 and then minus 50. You know that I am never wrong. hehe

  4. Wow Mark is sweet and thoughtful!haha - anyway I am glad you all are feeling better - I was getting worried nothing being kept tell me you know they may be busy - I would say no there is always something new...there has to be something wrong :) Love you guys see you all at THANKSGIVING!

  5. Oops. You are in fact right. Sorry babe!