Thursday, September 28, 2006

Political Challenge

Election time is upon us again. While it may not be the free for all run for the presidency, the upcoming elections are still vital. Let me pause here to say, if you're not a registered voter, you should be making a mad dash for the nearest place to register. One way Christians make a difference is in the polls. So, be a part of making a difference! Now, back to your regularly scheduled pro... Uh, okay. As I was saying, election-time is important. Candidates try to sway votes every way imaginable. That's why I believe it's critical for us as Christians to thoroughly take the time to sort through the media hype and get down to what the candidates really stand for. Allow me to deviate once again. There are people who always vote a particular party. Period. It doesn't matter if Satan himself were running for a position, they'd still vote that way if he were the party they always vote. Hence terms like "yellow dog democrat". I've never understood how someone claiming to be a Christian could, with a clear conscious, go to the polls and vote for a candidate that stands for everything they're against. Let's take the last presidential election for example. We had Bush and Kerry. Kerry was clearly for homosexual marriage, abortion, hate crimes legislation (isn't a crime a crime regardless of who the victim was??), etc. Tthere were Christians who would tell you they're against those very issues but still voted for Kerry. It's like an oxy moron. It doesn't make sense! So, if you're one of those people, I challenge you to think about what you're doing. What a candidate stands for is important and vital for us as Christians and for society as a whole. *Note: I'm back on subject now*. I've often heard people debate societal issues like education, taxes, Medicaid, war, prescription costs, and how the economy is doing and base their voting decision on these things. Now, while these are important issues no doubt, they are not nearly as important as Christians uniting and taking a stand for moral issues. I don't care what a candidate has to say about taxes or education or whatever else. If he is for abortion or homosexual rights and marriage, then I will not be voting for him. Period. I urge each and every one of you reading this to take the time to assess what the candidates stand for and vote for a candidate based on their moral stances, not their political party.

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