Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is It Christmas Time Already?

A few months ago while shopping, I noticed the vast array of green and red already appearing. I thought to myself, "Is it Christmas time already?". But then I realized, nope, it's just July. Does it strike anyone else as odd that our country begins preparing for a holiday, literally, 6 months in advance? How commercialized has Christmas become that 'Christmas in July' really is more than just a secret sisters Sunday evening event? Here's a thought, what if we spent 6 months preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus? How much different would things be if we truly spent that amount of time in thought about the real reason for Christmas instead of debating over what Aunt Sally would want in her stocking? I dare say our lives would be vastly different - less greedy and less concerned about the materialistic things our society throws at us. Just a thought.

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